“Why” is the question that always demands an answer.       Hi, my name is Eric T. Chandler and I am the founder of DAYDREAM Marketing Inc. This is my first time ever writing a blog, I’m not even sure if I’m doing it right! Am I supposed to give my name in the first post? (Whelp…now things are weird)

...Ok so The purpose of this blog is to take you the readers on a grammatical error filled journey with me and possibly a few guest contributors (fingers crossed) to experience all the great things going on at DAYDREAM Marketing and to read about the growth, trials, and tribulations of what it means to be a DAYDREAMER. I’ll also be writing about my clients and the amazing things they’re currently doing. While also providing marketing tips, discussing new trends in advertising and providing information about new products to help readers in their own entrepreneurial DAYDREAMs. So let’s start!!!

           Eric T. Chandler

           Eric T. Chandler

           DAPPER DUCK?....  WHY NOT?

           DAPPER DUCK?....WHY NOT?


First, let’s start off with a simple concept:


(Please don’t ask me "why we don’t ask why!?” …We just don’t.)

At DAYDREAM it’s our philosophy to push the envelope and never ask “why” but rather question “why not?”  For example, the question earlier asked: “why the name DAYDREAM?” The way a DAYDREAMER would rephrase this question is “WHY NOT the name DAYDREAM?” feel the difference? To this question my answer is simple, I and my fellow DAYDREAMERS and many of you the readers probably want something more out of life. We all aspire to be more, do more, so much that these goals and dreams are sometimes the only things we think of all day. They distract us from our boring 9-5 and for many of us these dreams burn in us so profusely that we would risk everything to achieve them.

If this sounds like you, then you, my friend are a DAYDREAMer….welcome to the club!!! (we meet every other Tuesday and membership includes complimentary button pins) whether it’s being a painter, creating cool graphics, starting a business… (or randomly creating a blog for your business that awkwardly titers between professional and personal blogging.) We all have dreams but for a select few of us,  we choose to dream during the day, With eyes open to the possibilities of making those dreams a reality. With this in mind,  DAYDREAM was formed as the premier marketing and advertising firm dedicated to helping other DAYDREAMers achieve their dreams. Ta dahhh!!!!



Whelp it’s debatable. To some it's an "E" to others it's an "S" grammatically, however, in Greek it's an "S" (but hey…WHY NOT use it for an "E ”?) …(see what I did there?)  the SIGMA sign represents the “sum of all” but for the exclusive purpose of DAYDREAM we wanted to turn it literally inward as a direct representation of the SUM of US the individual, the SUM of the DAYDREAMer.

We are our dreams and our dreams are only as impossible as we believe. Every client we talk to has a burning desire to be great and many just don’t know how or what their next step should be.  That’s where we come in. We consult clients on proper business ethics and help with ways to grow their business and instruct them in ways to utilize digital marketing to reach new customers. thus, allowing to NOT have their dreams differed. Get it now? 

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Ok so umm, first of all, it's a thought bubble

… and it’s a bubble

….for thoughts 

DAYDREAM providing thought provoking marketing strategies…kind of self-explanatory right? The thought bubble is our mark, it’s our stamp, our Jolly Roger if you will. The very symbol of the DAYDREAMer. Everything we are or hope to be is trapped in our thoughts and greatness lies in ourselves. So the bubble is a symbol of those great thoughts that we want to help you turn into reality. 


Pretty sure that covers everything… not really sure the average length of a blog so let’s end this with a simple thank you… thank you for reading this thank you for visiting the page I hope you come back and see all the great things we have in store for you readers every week like our events, guest writers, new business concepts, ways to grow your business and so much more. Please come back and read these blogs again otherwise I’m just writing to myself and that’s just awkward...and comment please!!!…..K bye!!!

Blog issue #2 : Marketing is an Art


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