“A thousand minds are born every day to DO the things you only DREAM of” – Caleb Young & Doug Williams

It is the decision to do that separates one’s dreams from reality
— Eric T. Chandler (my first quote :)

The quote above was told to me by two men I greatly revere and admire. It speaks on the actualization that what you may think are unfathomable dreams, things that you can’t or won’t do. Someone, somewhere can and will achieve.

But why you might ask? Shame on you readers! (Remember Daydreamers only ask “Why not?)’  And the answer is simple where many have resolved to simply think and be content with their bright Ideas and fantasies others have made the resolution to be bold and act.

 In the book “Breakthrough Entrepreneurship(great book by the way for any casual reader) it speaks on entrepreneurs and the reasoning on why they do what they do. It’s not the pursuit of wealth ( this is a effect, however) rather the pursuit of answers to problems, the need to change the status quo, and the love and thrill of creating something different that drives them.

(Say it again for the back of the crowd!!!)

Most entrepreneurs aren’t solely driven by money, fame prestige, rather it’s just the unrequited need to act, to make a change, to do.                                            

How long will you be content with the person you are knowing you can be better? How long will you accept the problems facing you knowing you have the solution?  We build excuses as means of justifying our fears “oh I don’t have the money, oh I’m not that smart, I don’t know how” then save, learn, and figure it out DO SOMETHING. For the daydreamers in the world if you only write your idea down on a sticky note then you’ve taken action, if you’ve only composed the first note of your new song then you’ve done something. If you simply prayed and hoped on your dreams then you’ve made an effort.

The decision to do is contagious once you do one thing towards your goal you will want to do another, then another and another and before long your goal will be reached. However by doing nothing, working and going home to prepare to work again, sleeping (which is the best thing on earth) instead of writing down your dreams this is surely the way to kill your dreams and where you lack someone will prevail because they made the decision to do!


So, readers, I say this pursue the things you desire the most no matter how crazy weird or completely insane they may sound to others if it is truly your passion the only one stopping you ultimately is yourself. Don’t let one of those thousands of minds fulfill YOUR dreams…make the decision today…to DO!

Issue #4 -10 Things I can do to achieve my dreams


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